The secret strategy behind our 3M+ monthly views on LinkedIn

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Learn the LinkedIn strategy that helped us generate $8M in ARR in 3.5 years and build a powerful brand worldwide.

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#1 lead generation source

#1 lead generation source

85% of LinkedIn users don't post or don't use LinkedIn the right way. Hence they don't generate sales nor get any growth opportunities.

After publishing thousands of posts and analyzing hundreds of LinkedIn expert’s content, we finally found the best LinkedIn strategy to build a strong brand and significantly increase revenue.

Our secret LinkedIn strategy generates over 3,000,000 monthly views nowadays and has transformed LinkedIn into our #1 lead generation source.

Who is this for?

Anybody with a LinkedIn account can benefit from this Masterclass.

  • Entrepreneurs searching for new business opportunities
  • Salespeople who want to book more meetings
  • Marketers & Growth Marketers searching for networking opportunities
  • Recruiters who want to hire top experts
  • Job seekers who want to boost their chances to find their dream job
  • Ambitious people who want to stand out from the crowd
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Don’t take our word for it

You’ll be able to

  • Generate qualified leads for your business
  • Increase your company's revenue without using ads
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Hire top industry talents
  • Get hired for your dream job
  • Connect with investors and business partners

With additional perks included

Get help from hundreds of people worldwide who have mastered the art of lead acquisition in 2021

Private slack community

Get answers within minutes from LinkedIn experts and top content creators.

  • Get your copywriting reviewed
  • Have access to exclusive LinkedIn templates
  • Get help with any business related topic
  • Create networking & business opportunities
Private slack community
Weekly group calls

Weekly group calls

Join a group of ambitious learners that help you with your deepest pain points - just like a consultant.

  • Expose your business struggles
  • Find solutions within a group of experts
  • Get help with any business related topic
  • Watch every session on replay

Exclusive Networking

Network with ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide and create relationships with potential business partners.

  • Monthly events and meetups
  • Webinars with industry leaders
Exclusive Networking
What we’re known for

Bootstrapped startup

In 3.5 years, we went from $0 to $8M ARR and 10k+ customers worldwide with $0 external funding.

Our hyper-growth wouldn't have been possible without focusing on the entire lemlist team's branding on LinkedIn.

15+ people publish content regularly which allowed us to generate $1M in revenue only through our LinkedIn content.

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  • Exclusive templates & resources
  • Access to all Masterclass updates
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  • Exclusive access to G’s Private Slack Community
  • Get expert advice on any business topic
  • Networking opportunities with LinkedIn experts
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