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This masterclass generated millions of dollars for B2B businesses, startups, agencies, and marketers worldwide.

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Do you recognize yourself?

Been sending cold emails for some time now, but for some reason reply rates are low?
Not booking meetings

Having a hard time booking meetings despite of all your efforts?

Hard to convert leads

You attract leads, but they do not convert?

Emails sound too sales-y

You focus only on closing in your emails and your approach is too general?

Do you want to connect with industry experts, build your personal brand or generate backlinks?
Hard to grow a community

You spent time trying to grow a community, but have hard time connecting with people?

Struggle to build brand awareness

You have difficulty in finding an effective cold email strategy to reach out to your customers and boost brand awareness?

Emails are not seen

You spent time reaching out to people, but for did not find the framework of the perfect cold email that gets replies?

Are you looking for a new job and want to boost your chances to get hired?
Don’t know what to write

You don’t know how to use cold email to find your dream job?

Hard to find the right person

You don’t know how to find the decision makers in a company?

Struggle to find the best approach

You don’t add your personal unique value proposition, nor your personal touch?

Need to build your network and connect with top entrepreneurs around the globe?
Struggle to find your first users

You don’t know what the best way to validate your business idea or find your first users using cold email?

Your approach is too general

You don’t personalise your emails, nor add your personal touch to better connect with people?

No replies

You get in touch with top leaders from the industry, but still don’t receive replies? Do you follow-up?

I’ve been through the same journey and it sucks

Thanks message

Where it all started

In 2017, I started an acquisition agency with a friend.

Back in the days, I was broke and already had a business attempt with my dad, which was a big fail.

Because I did not want to fail again, I promised myself that I'd do everything I can to succeed in my project. But I knew nothing about cold email.

I spent months learning everything I found online on cold email and spending hours speaking with clients to understand their needs and help them succeed. One day I received this email from one of our clients.

In following months, we generated millions of dollars for clients all over the world.

Where it grew

In 2018, I met Vianney and François and we decided to create lemlist, the best cold email outreach platform out there.

In 3 years, we went from $0 to $6,000,000 ARR, being bootstrapped.

10,000+ clients worldwide are using our cold email secrets to generate millions for their businesses and build meaningful relationships with their clients.


Still the best way to go

With more than 4.03 Billion people using email and checking them on average 6 to 20 times a day, cold email outreach is one of the best and cheapest ways to grow your business.

The biggest companies use cold email outreach to get more clients and build meaningful relationships.

Why me?

It took me 5 years of mistakes and experiencing hundreds of cold email frameworks to become a master of cold emailing.

Once I started to generate millions of dollars for clients worldwide, I wanted to help others succeed. Since then, I’ve been featured in over 200 media outlets across the world and invited to speak at international conferences about my cold email secrets.


Don’t take my word for it


You are energetic, insightful and quintessential professional. Bottom line is that you are a world-leader in your industry, and I appreciate your excellence.

Ellis Richman

You are freaking funny and love the strategies. THANK YOU. Also, using your product, awesome!

Tom Strachan

Thank you for sharing this amazing mindset, attitude, and accomplishment. You inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, like me, by defining what the future could be.

Jamyl Jonker

That’s more than a marketing point. That’s a manifesto to all entrepreneurs, to look for what’s best for their team and their company. I am impressed.

Jean-Marie Caillaud

Questions for you

Can you imagine closing one of your biggest prospects?

Can you imagine generating millions for your clients?

Can you imagine sending less emails and getting more replies?

Can you imagine connecting with top leaders from your industry?

Can you imagine writing THE cold email that’ll get you a dream job?

What if all these were possible?

What you need
is a new approach to cold email

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to

  • Get more replies to your cold emails
  • Skyrocket your company’s profit
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Hire top industry talent
  • Book more meetings
  • Find more clients
  • Have a coffee with inspiring experts
  • Land at your dream job

Let’s recap the value
you’ll get

  • Lifetime access to 34 actionable videos breaking down cold email strategies worth $1297
  • Exclusive ressources worth $997
  • Exclusive templates that scored double-digit reply & conversion rates worth $209
  • BONUS 1: Access to all course updates worth $609
  • BONUS 2: Guillaume’s private slack community worth $689
  • BONUS 3: Weekly private group calls for six weeks (recorded and available on replay) worth $1119
Total value worth of $4920

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